Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bagpiper's March

Alzheimer's Network of Oregon's "Walk to Remember"
Riverfront Park
Salem, OR

Today Salem hosted two walks for causes: Discover Pink Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and The Walk to Remember for Oregon's Alzheimer's Network. Because of my work schedule I was only able to participate and photograph The Walk to Remember. Hundreds of "walkers" attended and marched behind the bagpipers to raise money for Alzheimer's Network of Oregon, a non-profit organization in Salem.


Hope said...

Men in Kilts...
Playing the Bagpipes...
and Marching for Alzheimer's Funds!
What a wonderful group of men! I love men wearing kilts! I love Bagpipe music! And what a wonderful cause to march for.

gogouci said...

There is something to say about a bagpipe toting, kilt wearing marcher.