Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the Farm

Farm on Liberty Rd.
Salem, OR

The Willamette Valley, in which the City of Salem is nested, is one of the most diverse agricultural regions in the world. More than 170 different crops including grains, hays, grass seed field crops of all kinds, tree fruits and nuts, small fruits and berries, wines, fresh and processed vegetables, Christmas trees, nursery stock, dairy, poultry and beef are all produced within this spectacular valley. I'm unsure of what crops are being worked on this farm but it is wedged between Pronzini Christmas Trees and Ankeny Vineyards.


Jana said...

Great shot!

Hilda said...

Wonderful color!

Pardon this city-dweller, but what is he doing to the field?

gogouci said...

This farmer is tilling (plowing) his fields to aerate and loosen the soil for his next crop. Tilling will help the roots grow deeper and stronger. He probably chose to till on this day to take advantage of the recent rain to help soften the soil.

Eric Salsbery said...

This shot makes me want a glass of water. Great job

Sybil said...

Well written article.