Friday, November 28, 2008

Cookie Cut Condos

South of Madras & Commercial Streets
Salem, OR

I found this new tract of condos while trying to find a detour around the Walmart shopping frenzy today. They sure do look cute and clean though a bit too crowded for my taste. Not enough space in the front yard to kick the soccer ball around.


slim said...

These developments bring to mind the song "Little Boxes" made famous by Pete Seeger in the 1960s and the opening song to the series "Weeds".

Hilda said...

Looks like quite a lot of developments here in Metro Manila. But we call them 'townhouses.' The word 'condominium' we reserve for those in high-rises/skyscrapers.

Joy said...

I agree with you - too packed for me, too. But they do look nice :)

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D said...

Looks like it would require lots of stair climbing. Yuck.
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