Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hear the Choirs Sing

Oregon State Capitol
900 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
"Holidays in the Northwest"
Judson Middle School Choir
An array of musical performances and Christmas...oops! holiday decorations can be seen at the Capitol from Dec 1st - 23rd. Since I work within walking distance, I've had the pleasure of being entertained by the talent of the various local school choirs during my lunch hour.


Tash said...

Hello - you of the giant grasshopper-on-the-wall fame! Nice perspective on the year-end-celebration (that's what we have to call our Christmas party) choir.
So, what will you choose for Jan Theme day - you've got some beauties here. My favorites (for what it's worth): Empty Tracks, Clock Tower (fabulous color & angle), Say Cheese, Vintage Fire Truck, Outlaw1 (the cutest), DazDalia, Elsinore Theatre (is it really names Elsinore??), Bumps in the Road (the most up & down one), Fallen Leaves/Path (fantastic photo!), On the Farm, Fall in the Vineyards!!! wow!!!, and Dr. Seuss Playgrnd.
I like that you let the photo tell the story WITH the key info & great titles...I enjoyed the tour.

Hilda said...

Oh how wonderful! You are so lucky!

Don't forget to register for the January theme day! And the February 2009 theme poll is up! Please vote if you haven't already :)

raf said...

This is wonderful, Gogouci, photo and post. Lucky you!