Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Irrigation Pipes

Brooks, OR

Seeing farmers inventorying their irrigation equipment is as sure a sign that spring is around the corner as seeing the daffodils starting to bloom.


A Watchful Wanderer said...

Really enjoy this unique shot.
I used to work in a fencing yard and all these pipes bring the memories.Like the blog, found a follower!

Joy said...

I always enjoy looking at your photos as you make the ordinary very interesting!

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Tanya said...

Cool shot! Farmers and irrigation pipes, kinda like the groundhog? I hope spring is near!

Walker said...

Love this picture.

JM said...

Really nice perspective!

raf said...

Ah, now there is artistic talent to take a pile of pipes and produce a lovely composition of color, form and light. Love this post!

Steve Buser said...

This shot really stands out for me. The color is captivating and the lines really draw me in.