Friday, January 9, 2009

Soap Shoppe

SLAB Handcrafted Soap Company
189 Liberty St. NE Suite B-2
Salem, OR 97301


Small City Scenes said...

Hey, that looks interesting. Bricks of soap. Have you used that kind before. Do they have Lemon-Sugar? Yum. MB

JM said...

Great shot! I've never seen a soap shop like this!

Tanya said...

Cool photo! I bet that shop smells Heavenly!

Hilda said...

Ooooh! I love hand-made soaps! Thank goodness there are quite a few shops here that can supply my addiction :) Peppermint combinations and scrubbies are my favorites.

Marie-Noyale said...

The orange ones must smell pretty good they go faster than the others!!!
Nice shot!