Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exclusive Bloodline

Homer Davenport Days at GeerCrest Farm
August 8 - 9, 2009
12390 Sunnyview Rd NE
Salem, OR 97317

Each year The City of Silverton pays tribute to the successes of their hometown hero, Homer Davenport (1867-1912). Homer was a highly influential satirical cartoonist, credited with drawing Teddy Roosevelt into his second presidential term. At that time, he was the highest paid political cartoonist. One of Homer's lesser known contributions to the US was his introduction of an exclusive breed of Arabian horses, Davenport Arabians, with lineage direct from the (Syro-)Arabian Desert. Pictured above is one such horse. Unfortunately, Homer Davenport died long before his dream of bringing these horses to Oregon was realized. Today, there exists a group of 'preservation breeders' in the Willamette Valley that continue to keep the bloodlines pure and thriving.


Don and Krise said...

What a great shot. Reminds me of those close ups on Mr Ed.

Babooshka said...

That's a great image. Something very comical.

m_m said...

Excellent capture!

Julie said...

very interesting narrative and great photo. i really love the hens and chicks photo also. so cute and the detail is wonderful. Thanks for all of your comments on my site. I am glad you liked the solar eclipse photos. it was quite the experience and quite a challenge to photograph. BTW, if you like travel photos, we just put together a travel photos site at We have India photos posted and will put up new travel photos each Sunday. Happy blogging and I look forward to return visits to your site.