Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Spruce Goose

Evergreen Aviation Museum
3685 NR 3 Mile Ln
McMinnville, OR 97128

Hughes H-4 Hercules - the largest flying boat ever built.


Dina said...

Amazing aircraft, this and the Blackbird!
Did the Spruce Goose ever really fly?

ruma2008 said...

Let's soar with this feather this year.

Tash said...

You lucky girl...(and us too with the photos)... what a treat.
I've seen it only once when it was at Long Beach, quite impressive.
Super cool & unusual angle on the 1st shot. Love the little bitty polished DC-3 & the colorful supercub? in the 2nd. A must destination for us in the near future.

kyungmee said...

wow!! Amazing image..very cool shot! That would be very cool to see in person.

Gunn White said...

Interesting, and your first photo is my favorite !:-)