Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mount Hood Highway

Laurel Hill
Government Camp, OR

View of winding US26 from a point along the old Oregon Trail.


Kaori said...

Love how the road curves along the mountain side! Beautiful :D

AB said...

Beautiful, impressive landscape. It must be a pleasure to drive there

JM said...

A snake crawling among the pine trees! Love this angle.

SRQ said...

Beautiful. I'd love to drive that road.

Hood Photo Blog said...

My neck of the woods!!! I knew right away exactly where this was taken :) Great shot!

Hood Photo Blog

Lynette said...

You go all over the place, don't you? I'm so tickled to see this photo because it shows so very well that steep spur set there for vehicles whose brakes fail--I don't know the actual name of that bit of roadway, you can tell, can't you? Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your recent posts. Thanks!

The word verification could actually reflect how your blog always makes me feel--boomme--as in Boom Me! That's what your blog does to me!