Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh Out the River

Gov. Tom McCall Statue
Riverfront Park
101 Front St NE
Salem, OR 97301

Tom McCall served as Oregon's 30th governer. Serving his term 1967-75. His political legacy is the instrumental role he played in environmental and community preservation groups. I shot this picture yesterday in the rain. The raindrops and detail on the salmon give the effect that it came fresh out of the river.


Ken of Mac said...

Great close up detail and bokeh. !

raf said...

Right you are, Gogucci, the rain and a perfect angle shot make your image of the statue a real....ahem, catch. :)
Beautiful blog and camera work! Glad to have found your site and thanks for stopping by!

Hope said...

Nice photo! The raindrops are perfect...I love it!

babooshka said...

Great idea, really adds a different touch.