Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Wallace Marine Park
200 Glen Creek Road NW
Salem, OR

It turned out to be a pretty soggy day. I still managed, though, to walk through a couple of the city's largest parks, Riverfront and Wallace Marine Park and collect a few images to post. This fallen leaf was wedged on one of the fenced areas separating the many fields of the Softball Complex. During drier months, you can catch a softball tournament just about every weekend. This time of year the players are replaced by grazing geese, south for the winter.


Joy said...

Oh my gosh! That first photo is just beautiful. You gotta tell me what kind of camera you used, and if you used macro.

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Ackworth Born said...

Well it is actually sunny here this morning but there is whole pile of soggy fallen leaves on the driveway - you've just inspired me to take a photograph of them - how it turns out remains to be seen.

gogouci said...

I used a Nikon D40. No special lens but I have been playing with aperture settings. This image was shot at f2.8